Saturday, August 1, 2009

No Turns All Year

Today is August 1st, and I have not skied since June. That means today marks the end of my eight consecutive months of skiing. I was hoping to get out this last week, but couldn't manage it and will have to wait until the opportunity arises to try and get out again.

The bummer of it is that I only went "Spring" skiing twice this year. (Actually once was Spring and the other time Summer.) Although both trips on Cascade volcanoes. While on Mt. St. Helens, the conditions were not quite Spring like and not thoroughly enjoyable. However on Mt. Adams, the conditions were perfect Spring/Summer conditions and it turned out to be one of the best ski trips of my life! I was hoping to recapture that with some more skiing in July, but it never materialized. (Probably due to being in France for two weeks.)

Skiing this late in the lean months (August/September) usually isn't good, and most likely would be a trip to Mt. Rainier to ski the snowfield. A trip I don't exactly want to make just to get my turns in. I like to use my skiing as a means of getting someplace and going somewhere and it would be hard to justify a trip to the snowfield just to get turns in.

So on a positive note, I am lifted of the burden of attempting to find snow to ski in August and September. This allows me to concentrate on getting some climbing in before the real ski season comes about this year.

Maybe I'll never be a "Turns All Year" guy. I'm pretty happy with the 8 months of skiing I get anyway. Perhaps in the coming months I'll be able to ski from October to July. With ten consecutive months, I might be compelled to search for turns in August and September. At this point, I am hanging up the skis until the snow starts falling again.

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