Sunday, August 9, 2009

Exit 38 - Easy Street - 08.08.09

After getting a late start, Jennifer and I decided not to go camping for the weekend, and I convinced her to head out for a few pitches of climbing before the coming rain.

After a diversion of helping a friend who was locked out of their house, we were on our way. (And oops, skipping lunch.)

I didn't bring the guidebook as I thought I knew where we were going. (I forgot to bring the camera as well.) This proved a mild mistake as it has been a few years since I was at Easy Street, and accidentally took the trail to Interstate Park briefly before realizing my error. We arrived at Easy Street with another party of three just finishing up.

I led the 13 clip ES-3 on the right and brought Jennifer up. I lowered her and rapped off. Jennifer was still lamenting that she was in the break in period on her new rock shoes, and didn't want to climb much more. So we tried out the new route on the left. (Not in the guidebook.) One of the women from the previous party said she thought it to be a 5.5. I climbed it and thought it to be more of a 5.2. It was really easy, and shorter than the other routes at Easy Street. After bringing Jennifer up and lowering her, we packed up as another party arrived.

It was good to get out and Jennifer was pretty happy the hike and mellow slab climbing were a nice outing for her. While there, I noticed that Easy Street does have more grippy rock than other Exit 38 locations. Also, I was really eying up a second pitch for ES-3. There was some interesting terrain above it, and it could go. Probably at less than 5.6, but who knows? Perhaps I'll have to get Steve to help me with it? It is raining a bit today, so we're trying to figure out what to do.

As mentioned earlier, no camera=no pics.

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