Monday, February 23, 2009

Leavenworth - 02.22.09

I took some people out to Mounties' Dome for some gear placement practice and some mock leads.

The weather cooperated with only some flurries in the morning and no other precip. It was cold, but not frighteningly so. We started the morning with gear placement on the ground. We progressed to anchor building, and then to mock leads. Josh and Matt P. left to climb some ice while everyone else got in one mock lead each.

It was fun to be out and on real rock. I didn't get any leading in, and only followed routes to check gear placement. But, it was somewhat difficult with wet/snowy boots on the cold rock. The first few times I went up, I wore gloves, but the sun came out for my last time up, and I took them and my poofy coat off for my final climb. Overall, everyone did well, and everyone had a good time. It was a nice day to be out.

We left the crag around 3pm.

View up the Icicle

Adam starting out on a mock lead.

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