Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wish List - 2009 Objectives

In late 2007 I already had a small list of climbing accomplishments that I was looking for in 2008. A few of them were not met, but others that I didn't think to put on the list were. This year, I'm hoping to make a list and stick closer to it, but be open to other options.

Some objectives from 2008 that I am interested in keeping on the list for 2009:
West Ridge of Prusik Peak
West Ridge of Thomson
NE Ridge of Triumph

Some familiar objectives for 2009 with a twist:
Ski ascent of Sahale (You and me Sammy!)
Ski approach for the Tooth (Sammy?)
Ski approach for Ingalls
Ski Mt. St. Helens
Ski Mt. Adams
Winter ascent of Mt. Rainier (Julie)

Some new objectives for the year:
NE Buttress of Goode (A mid season addition to last year's list.)
Curious Cube at Static Point
Tatoosh traverse (including Unicorn Peak)
SW Rib of South Early Winter Spire
Concord Tower North Face or Cave (or both)
The Mole North Face
Torment > Forbidden Traverse

Some revisiting:
Outerspace (leading) @ Snow Creek Wall

I don't expect to accomplish all these outings, but I will try to fit them in where I can. One of my objectives for the year is to be more flexible with scheduling. I found that in 2008 I often scheduled a climb and either the weather or time frame was not ideal. This caused some climbs that could have resulted in summits not reach the summit. My hope is to have multiple locations planned and several backups for the conditions the weather throws at me. Hopefully my future work schedule will cooperate.

This list isn't so much a long term list, but a development list. I am anticipating the goals escalating year after year.

At this time I am also going to be looking out for partners for some of these climbs. Let me know if you are interested, and I'll let you know if I have a partner already, and if you want to come along.

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