Sunday, June 22, 2008

7 Consecutive Months Skiing - June 22

Quite a feat considering I only learned/started to ski in December '07. Sammy and I did dawn patrol at Alpental then toured out to Source Lake. Weather was cool and rainy for the first few hours then stopped, but didn't really clear until we got back to the car. We mostly connected the downhill portion of Cascade Traverse to Sessel and then St. Bernard. There was dirt for about 30' at the top of the St. Bernard chair, and another 10' of dirt where the cat track turns to become the St. Bernard slope. Other than those two spots we connected turns on corn snow the whole way down. We then traversed out to Source Lake and returned. Home before 1pm and then working in the yard is sunny warm Seattle.

Sammy nearing the lake.

Avalanche destruction.

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