Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Steven's Backcountry - 02.10.13

Steve was kind enough to invite me along for some powder hunting when I had no other partners. We got a mellow start and got to Smith Brook Road around 10am. There were others parked on the side of the highway, but after five minutes of skinning in the road, we didn't see anyone for the rest of the day. 

We were out looking for slopes still holding snow and after a fair bit of climbing we found some. Our first run was low elevation and pretty good considering it hadn't snowed in days. Our second run was at higher elevation and was really good considering again that it hadn't snowed that recently. 

Our run back to the car was somewhat ugly with wetter heavier snow due to the sun and warmer temps. It was good to be out for the first time this winter. It also made me realize just how much more fun I'd have if I had newer and bigger skis. 

It was a beautiful sunny day out, but both Steve and I neglected to bring cameras. Steve at one point lamented as the views were great. 

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