Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cabin Creek - 03.14.10

With the recent snowfall, Jennifer and I decided to get out to Cabin Creek for another round of Nordic Skiing. They supposedly got 8" of new snow and the trails were to be groomed on Saturday, so I expected decent conditions.

When we got on the road, it was very icy and things were not looking good for enjoyment. Once on the trail, it didn't get any softer. I fell in the one of the first downhills trying not to fall in the ditch on the side of the trail. Snowplowing was difficult on the icy snow. There wasn't always a track which made matters worse.

As we went on the temps rose and things softened up a bit. Sections of trail in the sun were soft with a few spots that looked like they would melt bare by the end of the day. The track went from icy to mush with the darkness of earth showing through it. After my second fall, we spent a fair amount of time in sunnier areas and enjoying the skiing. Although I contemplated the fun in going for a second lap.

Near the end of the course, I fell hard on an icy (crampon use recommended) downhill. I banged my hip hard and told Jennifer I would not continue on a second lap. So once through with the course, we headed back to the car and home.

I'm guessing that was the last Nordic Skiing we will do this season unless some magical snowfall occurs. The conditions were not great, and without more snow, there would be bare patches by the end of the day causing greater frustration. We had a good run this season, and now I'll start preparing for Spring skiing in the mountains.

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