Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cabin Creek - 01.31.10

Jennifer woke up with a sore throat so we cancelled our plan to ski at Lake Wenatchee and camp in Leavenworth. She was still interested in doing something so we went to Cabin Creek once again. We have found it smart that if you are not going to get there first thing in the morning that it is a good idea to wait until Noon to get there. That way the morning people are leaving and there are less people out on the trails. We also managed to get the best weather (no rain) that we have had at Cabin Creek all year. We did one loop and called it a day so Jennifer wouldn't get too run down. The groom was a bit tracked out but the snow was soft and forgiving. I fell once going uphill when I didn't spread my skis enough. Other than that it was a good time.

Not quite blue skies, but no precip

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