Monday, December 28, 2009

Hyak Sno Park - 12.27.09

The original plan was to ski with Ken at Cabin Creek. After Ken had to bail, we headed to Cabin Creek to find icy conditions (expected) and poor grooming (not expected.) We attempted to do a short loop, but without a track, our skis kept slipping out and there was also a couple on snowshoes who had dogs without leashes. (I almost ran into one.) So we headed back to the car after the short loop figuring the flatness of the john Wayne Trail would serve us better. And I knew it was groomed the previous day. When we arrived at the parking lot the groomer arrived, but we didn't wait to see what he would do, so we still took the ten minute drive back to Hyak.

Although the sledding hill was closed, the Sno Park was jammed with cars and city folk attempting to find a slope to slide on. We got on the trail and got going. Shortly after leaving the parking lot the crowds subside. Being an old railroad grade the trail is super flat. But this was nice to work on form and getting into a rhythm. Since it is by the lake, it was actually pretty sunny which was also nice. Of course, we had a tremendous headwind during one stretch and I was wishing I didn't have any exposed skin.

We worked our way along the lake and decided to go to the dam on the eastern end. Once there we had a snack and started back. It was a longer trip than we anticipated, and we were already a touch tired before heading back. (We estimate our round trip to be around 13 miles.) Jennifer got a head start as I wanted to check out the dam a little more. I caught her back on the trail and we continued out. We eventually saw Gabriel and a friend and we chatted a bit before continuing to the car.

Never did I have such difficulty walking after skiing. After taking the skis off I hobbled to the car trying to remember how to propel myself without skis. We packed up and were on our way.

This was a trip that was more fun than I expected. A nice sunny day and a fairly scenic ski. Skiing some of the other Sno Park locations is similar to jogging Green Lake. They are courses, and you do a lap or two. The scenery doesn't really change (mostly trees) and you don't really get anywhere. This trail was great for getting into a rhythm and seeing some scenery and getting someplace. You can actually take the trail all the way to the next Sno Park if you so desire as well.

Pics are here.

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