Friday, July 24, 2009

Exit 38 - 07.24.09

I finally got to join Sammy and crew for the Thursday evening Exit 38 climbing. Unfortunately there was a late start due to traffic, and Sammy locking his keys in the car. So we changed from heading to the Far Side to the shorter walk of Deception Crags.

Brett working out the crux on the route not in the book.

Since it was open and we wanted to get climbing, we started on Write-Off Rock. Since it was about six weeks since I had been on rock, I wanted to start with something easier and I led the 5.7 on the right side. Amy led it after me, while Sammy and Brett climbed a newer route that isn't in the book. Sammy and Brett moved over to the 5.9 route while Amy and I moved onto the route that Sammy and Brett were on.

Sammy climbing the 5.9

After feeling done with that crag we walked over to the Hall Rock area. I led the right 5.8 (which felt harder) and Sammy led the left 5.8. Then Sammy was attempting the far left route (not in the book) and had to lower off. I gave the route a try to at least retrieve Sammy's gear. It was getting late and darker, and I just didn't have it in me. But I was able to remove his high piece and down climb from that point without leaving gear. After that we packed up and had a dark hike out in the woods.

A nice day to get out. Weather wasn't cooperative for swimming in the river, but we were running late anyway and didn't have time for that. We did have a good time, and I hope to join Sammy and the gang on future Thursdays out.

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