Sunday, March 8, 2009

Desert Climbing - Sunshine Wall - 03.07.09

With a good weather forecast only for Eastern Washington, Julie and I decided to head out to get on real rock. We also figured we could help Ken out as he was having his basic students out there for rock climbing practice. Our goal was one day of rock climbing and then skiing in the mountains on Sunday.

We opted to have two followers as we were looking for a more mellow day. Tony and Andrew joined us as we did a few routes in the sun and wind at Sunshine Wall. Highlights of the day included the first pitch of Chossmaster (5.7) and Skip 'em or Clip 'em (5.8). Both routes which Julie led. I led a 5.6 (Peaceful Warrior) and a 5.7 (??) which were not as nice. I really liked Skip 'em and wish I had led it.

What seems to be the norm for me at Vantage, is not climbing well. Julie and I thought that we both do not climb well when we are there. We think it has to do with our motivation. We are not really interested in being there, but want to get out on rock. I need to refocus my energy on climbing there the next time I am there as perhaps this will make me enjoy it and climb better.

My pics are here.

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