Saturday, January 31, 2009

XC Skiing - 01.31.09

With most people unavailable this weekend, I asked Ken if I could join his "Intro to XC Skiing" group. I didn't need the lesson, but it wouldn't hurt me either to get more learning in.

Ken warned me I didn't know what I was getting into. He told me it would be slow without a whole lot of skiing. Well, at least I would be outside.

In a good turn of fortune, Ken accidentally brought his skate skis. So he borrowed my track skis to teach, while I spent the time on his skate skis. I have been wanting to try skate skiing, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Upon first getting on the skate skis, I found them easier to handle than track skis. They edge better, and since they were 25cm+ shorter than my track skis, easier not to trip over. Conditions at Crystal Springs were icy with just a touch of fresher graupel on top. The conditions were not ideal for learning.

Originally, I found myself poling too much because I was unable to work my feet correctly. Later after Ken gave me some pointers, I started to get the hang of it. However, since you build speed quickly when skate skiing, I would lose my rhythm quickly once I got going too fast. I was even able to skate down modest hills (on green trails.) It was super difficult to skate up steeper slopes, where I resorted to a herringbone walk. Overall it was a fun learning experience. Perhaps next winter I'll take up skate skiing?

No pics. Left the camera in the car.

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