Monday, September 8, 2008

Sahale Peak - 09.06.08

A group of seven of us made an attempt at Sahale Peak via the Quien Sabe Glacier. We decided to do a carry-over of the peak as I think that sort of thing is fun. As it turned out, the Boston Basin trail was worse than I remembered it and sealed the deal on the carry-over plan. Weather was forecast to be partly cloudy, but the skies remained dramatic throughout most of the day. The previous evening's weather was a bit wet and got us all thoroughly soaked coming up the near bushwhack of a trail up to Boston Basin.

After a few hours, we were across the slabs and roping up on the glacier. There was a fair amount of boot tracks so route finding was not an issue, especially since visibility fluctuated. We unroped at the top of the glacier and scrambled to within a few feet of the summit, setting up a prusik line for safety. Once we all arrived it was time to figure out a way off the other side. A guide book said rappel due south. So we got out a compass and threw the rope. On decent single 60M rappel and 20' of easy, unexposed 3rd class got us to snow.

A short walk across the Sahale Glacier got us to the trail that leads down to the Cascade Pass parking lot. Then it is just a long hike down to the parking area where we had left a car in the morning.

This was my first time doing a carry-over of Sahale as well as being at Cascade Pass or Sahale Arm. I found this descent to be much preferred over the Quien Sabe descent as it has a very short technical portion and then is trail for nearly six miles. At the end of the day the trail length was a bit tedious, but still better than the rough trail that leads out of Boston Basin.

My pics are here.

Julie's pics are here.

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