Thursday, August 14, 2008

Guye Peak - West Face - 08.12.08

Took the day off to climb with Sammy, Jennifer and a few other people. The weather held for most of the day. (We got sprinkled on at the summit.) Route is not the most straightforward, but route finding is not super difficult either. From the street, it is boulder/talus hopping up to a gully where there are a few 3rd class steps to reach the rightward (south) trending ramp. We followed the broad ramp (with large trees) to it's southern end. This is where the 5th class climbing starts. There was a short enjoyable corner to climb then plenty of sandy ledges. We unroped briefly for a bit of a trail walk and start the second 5th class pitch. It starts with an interesting 5.4 flake/crack then deteriorates to rocks poorly set in dirt. The finish is an enjoyable chimney that ends in steep dirt. It was interesting, but not a great way to finish. Then it is a walk to the summit, a scramble to the middle summit, and a rap down the middle and gully up to the north summit. A climber's trail leads down from there. We got a late start, and had a long day, but a good day.

My pictures are here.

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